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417 Park Place
Brooklyn, NY, 11238
United States




clothing with integrity

We started indi as a way to align our work with our values. In addition to honoring and respecting artisans and their craft, we’re committed to producing clothing in a manner that stands in opposition to the trends of the fashion industry. We’ve seen first hand the negative effects that this industry has in and around the communities where many of our clothes are made, including extreme pollution, cultural appropriation and the devastating poverty the industry inflicts on these communities — in addition to the rampant overconsumption it prompts worldwide.


Responsibility to our Partners and Planet


Our clothes will always be made with 100% natural fibers and we are working to ensure all our artisans partners are using natural dyes to mitigate the impact chemical dyes can have on their health, the environment, and our children. 


Our Business Model


In the traditional corporate model, due to middle agents and retail stores, customers pay more and the artisans make less per item. 


Our close working relationships with our artisan partners allow us to bypass agents and to collaborate directly with the artisans, while compensating them for the true value of their work. We believe this makes for better products, better experiences and ultimately better humanity. 

Additionally, by avoiding retail store markups and selling directly to our consumers, we are able to offer higher quality products at a more affordable cost. 

These efficiencies allow us to reinvest savings into education initiatives in the communities we work with, empowering the future generation with skills and knowlege to either continue in the artisan tradition or find new opportunities better suited to their interests and desires. 


Transparency Commitment


In all that we do we strive to work with maximum transparency toward our partners and customers. Our investments in education are not made per item sold, but rather an upfront donation based on the cost of overall production. 

Our primary partner in delivering these education services is the amazing organization, Girl2B.