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417 Park Place
Brooklyn, NY, 11238
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artisan-made indigo clothing
for our little ones

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indi is a line of clothing for children that honors the tradition of natural indigo dyeing and techniques that have been passed down for generations. For every garment produced, 20% of of the cost is invested up-front in the empowerment of children through our partnership with Girl2b and our artisan communities.




More than a color, indigo is a custom, craft, and tradition that goes back centuries and can be found the world over. 

We want to explore ways to honor the individuality of these diverse indigo cultures while also finding common threads that celebrate our shared humanity. It’s this story that inspires us to pursue indigo and its potential to point to answers from the past and pave a way toward a more positive future. 


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Season One

Our first Collection is a celebration of global indigo traditions and handcrafts. We partnered with artisan printers, dyers, and embroiderers to dive into techniques like block printing, mud resist dyeing, shibori and hand embroidery. 

Season Two

The focus of our second collection is one of freedom and inclusivity. As a result, we’ve created eight unisex designs — each piece an exploration of artisan craft free of gender-specific codes. 


“with love & care”

We started indi as a way to offer beautiful clothes for our little ones that represent the values we stand for—and the world we want them to grow up in. 


Artisan Craft

In all that we do, we honor artisan traditions and the communities where these traditions were born. Each piece we design is created in collaboration with our artisan partners and respects their craft through fair wages and consumer education. 

Clothing with Integrity

How we make our clothes stands in opposition to the trends of the fashion industry. By implementing ethical business models and a commitment to natural print processes, we’re able to offer high-quality clothing while respecting the planet and the economy.

Empowering Education

By streamlining our supply chain and cutting out unnecessary agents, we’re able to reallocate 20% of the cost of production into education initiatives in the communities we partner with. Established and reputable partners like Girl2B ensure that these efforts are creating meaningful and lasting impact.

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